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Every event that has taken place in this universe has led you to this moment.

Every star exploding, every planet colliding, every molecule combining, every quantum occurrence, every life that arises, every adaptation, every evolution of every species, every birth, every death, every thought, every realization, and every action taken by anyone who has ever lived...

The real question is,

What will you do with this moment?

Founder of zedtopia. Hi. I want to make a place where people can actually interact with civilization on the internet, without having to make the whole system a slave to ad sales.

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💭 Thought by azeem 3 months ago. | Public

Where is the oversight?! This is from Feb 2022. Warrantless searches violate the 4th Amendment.


'Secret' CIA bulk data collection raises questions about surveillance laws

HUNT VALLEY, Md. (TND) — The Central Intelligence Agency has a “secret” bulk data collection program that could “incidentally” include information about Americans, according to two U. S. senators. ‘WARRANTLESS BACKDOOR SEARCHES OF AMERICANS’ What kind of information? That’s classified. But concerns are being raised the CIA has hidden details about the program.


Tags: bulk collection



💭 Thought by azeem 3 months ago. | Public

Back to 1990 we had home videos but no wireless internet connecting everything to spyware. We had actual privacy back then. If I said something to my mom she's the only one who hears it. Dear NSA yall Christopher Shing MF stop hacking everyone


NSA reform report: End bulk metadata program, no more software backdoors

Two of the 40 recommendations — which the White House can still ignore — hints that private companies should be allowed to report data access figures.


Tags: NSA, bulk collection


azeem 3 months ago

THIS Article is 10 years old but the reforms it mentions are still relevant, just like how Flint, MI still does not have clean drinking water.

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💭 Thought by azeem 3 months ago. | Public

People can surveil your inner thoughts already. Since 2015 we can control and pilot a drone with one's thoughts, just by using an EEG. Your thoughts have an electromagnetic reality to them & that can be interacted with.


Machine learning could translate thoughts to speech in near real-time

Scientists have used deep learning to decode thoughts into speech, which can benefit people who lost their ability to talk.




💭 Thought by azeem 3 months ago. | Public

AI can be used to recreate visual and sensory data from functional brain imaging techniques such as fmri. This is worrisome for surveillance. We already know about bulk collection. Imagine what white supremacy & GOP will do with thought policing?!


High-resolution image reconstruction with latent diffusion models from human brain activity

Reconstructing visual experiences from human brain activity offers a unique way to understand how the brain represents the world, and to interpret the connection between computer vision models and our visual system. While deep generative models have recently been employed for this task, reconstructing realistic images with high semantic fidelity is still a challenging problem. Here, we propose a new method based on a diffusion model (DM) to reconstruct images from human brain activity obtained via functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). More specifically, we rely on a latent diffusion model (LDM) termed Stable Diffusion. This model reduces the computational cost of DMs, while preserving their high generative performance. We also characterize the inner mechanisms of the LDM by studying how its different components (such as the latent vector of image Z, conditioning inputs C, and different elements of the denoising U-Net) relate to distinct brain functions. We show that our proposed method can reconstruct high-resolution images with high fidelity in straight-forward fashion, without the need for any additional training and fine-tuning of complex deep-learning models. We also provide a quantitative interpretation of different LDM components from a neuroscientific perspective. Overall, our study proposes a promising method for reconstructing images from human brain activity, and provides a new framework for understanding DMs. Please check out our webpage at this https URL. ### Competing Interest Statement The authors have declared no competing interest.


Tags: brain imaging, fmri, stable diffusion, ai, cognitive neuroscience, Freedom of thought, privacy law


azeem 3 months ago