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"Education should be a right, not a privilege. We need a revolution in the way that the United States funds higher education." ~ Sen. Bernie Sanders

Tags: College should be free, Maybe I would have a PHd and be the next bill nye the science guy niel degrasse tyson michio kaku type of scientific tv show host, thank you to the IBM Thomas J Watson Memorial Scholarship for putting me thru college, i seriously would have never afforded college without a scholarship, colleges should also not have blanket IP ownership of any ideas their students have, why would i pay 50 thousand dollars a year to have a professor who cannot speak english tell me to read a 700 dollar textbook when i could just download the textbook online for free and read it myself.



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πŸ“Ί Family Matters, Season 8

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*Actual* Quantum Teleportation & Quantum Computing
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🀣🀣🀣 QAnon β€˜Time Traveler’ Is Running a GOP Congressional Campaign - Austin Steinbart has a lot going on. He claims to be a time traveler from the future. He claims he’s a deep-cover agent for the Defense Intelligence Agency. He claims he is Q.

Tags: HBO figured out that ron watkins was Q, these people are fucking retarded, actual scientists think critically, the gop is antiscience, Steinbart isnt a time traveller he's a quack who can't even do calculus, trump tried to claim he's a stable genius, not to toot my own horn but my iq is actually high his is bullshit 🀣, kew forest is a shithole school for 'elite' turdbags, donald trump would have never made it in a public school, there is no DIA, wypipo love plausible lies and plausible deniability, Republicans are fucking retarded and lack critical thinking skills, unlike their animal mascot Republicans can't even remember basic scientific facts, Austin Steinbart isn't Q ron watkins is, Q was already found, these quackjobs dont even know that the earth is round


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Since 2021:

An HBO filmmaker may have uncovered the identity of 'Q,' the shady figure behind QAnon

Cheryl Teh | Apr 5, 2021, 11:08 PM

β€’ The filmmaker Cullen Hoback believes he has uncovered the true identity of the QAnon movement's "Q."

β€’ The 8kun message board administrator Ron Watkins seemed to slip up during an interview with Hoback.

β€’ It was long speculated that Watkins was posing as the shadowy Q and had written many QAnon posts.

A documentary filmmaker believes he has finally uncovered the true identity of "Q," the shadowy figure behind the extremist QAnon movement.

Ron Watkins, the longtime administrator of the 8kun message board, seemed to slip up during an interview with Cullen Hoback, the filmmaker behind the HBO series "Q: Into the Storm."

In a recorded interview, Watkins spoke with Hoback about how he shared claims about voter fraud in the wake of Donald Trump's 2020 election loss. Watkins let down his guard for a moment, giving Hoback what he argues is key evidence that Watkins and Q are the same person.

"It was basically three years of intelligence training, teaching normies how to do intelligence work. It was basically what I was doing anonymously before, but never as Q," Watkins told Hoback.

Watkins then tried to backtrack, grinning and clearing his throat, saying: "Never as Q. I promise. I am not Q."

"Ron had slipped up," Hoback said in the video. "He knew it, and I knew it β€” and after three tireless years of cat and mouse."

It was long speculated by those investigating the QAnon movement that Watkins, the site's administrator, was the one posing as the shadowy Q. The possibility that Watkins was the author of more than 4,000 messages from Q that had been posted on the 8kun message board since 2017 has also been floated.

Watkins and his father, Jim Watkins, who owns the 8kun message board, have claimed on multiple occasions to have back-channel access to Q, purportedly a high-level operative and prophet privy to the inner workings of the US government.

One of the biggest conspiracy theories propagated by QAnon β€” a movement born on online fringe message board 4chan β€” was that Trump was fighting a "deep state" cabal of pedophiles. 

Q continued to post in the persona of a Trump-administration insider on 4chan but moved in 2018 to 8kun (formerly known as 8chan), the message board run by the Watkins father-son duo that was known for being a forum oft-visited by gunmen involved in mass shootings and other violent extremists. 

QAnon gained widespread media coverage as it attracted more followers. Many of those identified participating in the January 6 Capitol riot said they were inspired and influenced by their unshakable belief in Q.

It has proved almost impossible to identify Q, as 8kun operates primarily based on anonymity. 8kun users do not have accounts with their names attached, unlike common social-networking sites like Facebook. Users are instead assigned a tripcode, a sequence of code that identifies unique users.

Speaking with the CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on "AC360," Hoback said: "There was a lot of 'lore' around (Watkins) in QAnon, and he's also one of the admins of the site where Q posts. I thought that it was possible that he would know more about Q than anyone else." 

Hoback added that he thought Watkins wanted the "credit" for QAnon but continued to deny he was Q for fear of any legal ramifications.

"I'd always been waiting for that moment where Ron would slip up," Hoback said. "I think it happened as the result of super-optimism, where he had gotten away with it for so long, and he wasn't really watching his words."

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Tiktok won't let me say this: Shoot Kavanaugh, Boebert, and Thomas. Purge the earth of every rapist and racist. πŸ™ƒ Fuck Shadow Banning and Fuck Censorship. Tucker Carlson should be shot just like Uvalde, he earned the bad karma.

Tags: its nice to be able to freely think and express one's self, venting out dangerous thoughts is better than bottling them up and acting on them, tiktok is just like fb and ig, thoughtpolicing what ideas are allowed to be shared, i think its time to start the revolution, Impeach Kavanaugh before we shoot him, fuck having rapists as presidents and on our supreme court.