zed|topia is proud to operate in full accordance with GDPR & international law, and takes pride in being the world's first cybercivilization to protect user data rights & privacy worldwide.


zed|topia does not use any cookies until user sign up.

They are only for user account authentication purposes, and no trackers or ads are coded into the zed|topia platform.

Thus it is only upon signing up for an account, that we ask for consent to use cookies and provide a way for users to affirm their understanding of how our cookies encryption is used to ensure their account privacy, then proceed with signup, via the click of a button.

In addition to this, zed|topia has taken the lead in allowing users to upload in depth html5 content, and empowers one to safely view other user uploaded content, automatically detecting and providing for a consent dialog to run any user uploaded javascript.

By sandboxing user uploaded content, zed|topia preserves user autonomy over their browser, and allows them to consent to the loading of scripts, or termination of said scripts in their browser as uploaded by another user. In this way no user uploaded javascript will run unless you allow it.

No exposure or logging of IP addresses, or devices. At all.

(Fellow Ruby on Rails Engineers -- Devise Trackable is Disabled) To further harden your account to any possible hacking or identity theft, make use of our 2 factor authentication support and encrypt your backup codes or put them in a safe place.

zed|topia DOES store your shipping address, which is provided to any user who you purchase a product from, such that they can ship the product to you, as part of contractual requirement. This information is only required when purchasing products -- otherwise you are free to use the platform without providing any address information at all.

This information is available in the user account settings (accessible via the gear icon if one is logged in...) and user account settings information such as your shipping address, email, password, or linked stripe account, etc, can only be edited by confirming one's identity with the password to the account.

zed|topia does not store any personally identifiable financial data, and uses Stripe, which is a GDPR Compliant Platform.


zed|topia provides logged in users the ability to download all their Thoughts, Ideas, Artwurx, Events, Products, Services, Quests, Shares, and Comments, exported to the commonly used and widely interoperable JSON data format, available automatically with the click of a button.

We also provide a human readable version with headers and then a single json array for each item instead of the original multidimensional array.

If you have a lot of uploads please be mindful it may take some time to load.


All users have granular, access based control for all Thoughts, Ideas, Artwurx, Events, Products, Services, and Quests, allowing them to choose the audience for each item.

Shared items retain the original audience set by their author.

Users have the ability to block anyone as well as control over who can send them mention notifications.

None of your data is sold, there is no AI or ML reading your posts and modifying the feed for advertisers' benefit, nor is there an ad driven business model to incentivise such action or allow it to happen anytime in the future.