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💭 Thought by azeem 6 months ago. | Public

Everyone in Zedtopia can take part in governance, raise issues, propose solutions, or vote...

Tags: zedtopia, democracy, direct democracy, inclusive society, open source civilization


azeem 6 months ago

For example: If all the kids wanted to vote on a gun free school zone with real enforcement, they could actually propose & vote for it...

  1. A kid would click the gavel, then discuss a new issue, maybe a simple title like "school shootings."
  2. Other kids can log in and support them by up-voting the issue to give it more visibility (to attract more proposed solutions.)
  3. People propose solutions to the problem.
  4. Vote on the best solution
  5. Implement the best solution.
  6. Update as necessary.

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💭 Thought by azeem 3 months ago. | Public

Democracy > Democratic Republic

Tags: democracy, democracies are greater than democratic republics, the world needs democracy, a republic disenfranchises those who cannot vote on policy that affects their lives and is essentially a form of oligarchy.



Quantum Democracy
z published 🧠 3 months ago. | Public

PubMed Central (PMC)

A simple quantum voting scheme with multi-qubit entanglement

We propose a simple quantum voting scenario with a set of pairs of particles in a multi-particle entangled state. This scenario is suitable for large scale general votings. We also provide a proof of security of our scheme against the most general type ...


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Tags: quantum physics, democracy



💭 Thought by azeem 12 days ago. | Public

A constitutional Republic with democratically elected representatives is not a Democracy. At best it is called a democratic republic. It is not a democracy.

Tags: democracy, republic, democratic republic, what is democracy?, have we ever had democracy?, a democratic republic is a republic not a democracy, i want democracy, real democracy, i want my vote to matter, in america your vote doesnt matter we have electoral colleges not votes, the dnc argued that they do not have to be democratic in a court of law, wypipo say democracy and give us a republic, i have yet to see an actually democratic society come from colonizers


KingArthur 10 days ago

Spot on. Literally spot on.

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