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💭 Thought by z 15 days ago. | Public

suyonce was just as toxic as my ex bff so i let go of both. her aura was no different from my ex bff's energy, toxic the same way. i had other girls hittin me up who were acting right so why chase a girl who not into it? both missed my bday.

Tags: we never became a thing, why even bother, idgaf how many vogue covers you have, her beauty was only skin deep, eat some makeup so you can be beautiful on the inside bishhhhh, i still remember my first love's bday, aint nobody real out here, you aint shit, gaslightin ass hoes, i dont care how pretty you are, if you not trustworthy you fugly af, lol this was like a decade ago idgaf anymore there are no emotions


z 15 days ago

I understand why the weeknd was like fuck all this bs.

I been thru my own.

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